International Design Centre, Amsterdam
7.000 m2, 350 workstations, 500 people
In collaboration with Sevil Peach, London
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)
Role: executive architect

In their headoffice Mexx wanted to bring together all the different design departments. While the different working groups benefit from a creative atmosphere, they also each have their specific needs. We focused on functionality and efficiency by ensuring each group had quick and easy access to different tools. On the other hand we created an inspiring environment by playing with colour and space. People are stimulated throughout the building to find different forms of sharing, collaborating, experimenting and working.

Lounge area at Mexx office
chairs and tables in restaurant
Small desks
Interior with samples of Mexx clothes
Mexx office lounch couch and work place