Meijers Assurantiën

Head office, Amstelveen
1.500 m2, 85 workstations, 85 people
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)

Meijers is an insurance broker family business that stands for a young, dynamic and personal service. They wanted their office to reflect who they are, and appeal even more to their target group; mainly freelancers and small businesses.
We aimed to create a space in which sharing, meeting and exchanging information is central. This was done quite literally by placing the archives in the middle of the space and providing seating area around it. In addition there are  clear pathways, making it easy to meet and see each other, stimulated by a number of meeting areas.

Lounge area with big wall image
Several desks
Reception desk