European Headquarters, Amsterdam
12.000 m2, 750 workstation, 1.300 people
In collaboration with Sevil Peach, London
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)

Microsoft wanted their head office to be the first fully, truly open and flexible office where everybody works on open desks – even HR and the entire management. It is the new way of working in optima-forma.
To bring human scale to this large organisation, we grouped many different kinds of workspaces intuitively throughout the floors.
Ranging from single person concentration rooms to family tables through to height adjustable work booths. On one floor we created a large meeting area for staff and guests. This has become the buzzing heart of the organisation; promoting communication, creativity and social interaction.

Booths and lounge chairs
Lamps hanging above round table
Bar and clocks hanging on the wall
booths en desks
Picture from above, people are working on chairs and bench