Meijers is working with interior architect Maarten Jamin since 2005.
At first he was working for a well-known consultancy, but currently he advices us from his own studio.

Our office in Amstelveen has been growing the past five years, first steadily, then explosively. Maarten understands our wishes and is able to translate them into a contemporary design. He is a good listener and a creative and innovative designer. In these ten years we have build up an assemblage from older and newer ideas, which all feel as parts of the same concept. Currently we are in a development state again. Thanks to an organic approach from Maarten’s studio the design fits perfectly to the existing situation.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, Maarten Jamin brought us in contactwith designer Jolanda Luymes (currently also working with Maarten Jamin). She designed a very special artwork in collaboration with him, built with objects sourced by our employees. To the artwork also belongs a anniversary book and a movie with backgrounds and stories off the objects in the artwork.

The examples above show the interdisciplinary approach of Maarten Jamin. Next to this, he is able to build a relationship with his client that goes beyond the standard. In our opinion, that’s one of the factors that contribute to a successful outcome.

Kind regards,

Leslie de Swaan
Marketing & Communicatie Adviseur
Meijers Assurantiën


We are working towards a new era. An era of Mobile Workers and Urban Nomads. An era of collaboration and co-creation. An era where offices grow into meeting places. That’s why we came up with the Spaces concept. You can plug into the energy of like-minded others, meet clients or colleagues, share ideas and form connections. For this new type of working we needed a stylish, inspiring and professional setting. We asked Sevil Peach and Maarten Jamin for the interior design of this new work concept. They created an open, social, collaborative and creative environment to work in. It is the redefined ‘office’, a place where people come together to create something greater than themselves.

Working with Maarten was very pleasant. He listened to our wishes and created in collaboration with Sevil Peach and with his own design team several projects for us. They designed a diversity of work spots, from booths to meeting rooms and from lounge areas to coffee corners. Serving our wishes for a warm, inspiring and productive office space. As executive architect he helped with the bigger picture, but also with the smallest details. Because of his knowledge and experience for the feeling of the Spaces concept we now hire Maarten as the Spaces Design Manager. In this position he helps to expand the Spaces concept worldwide, not only by controlling the interior concept, but also by making each new Spaces office a unique one.

Kind regards,

Frederique Keuning
Founder and Managing Director Spaces