VvE de Key

Offices for housing company, Amsterdam
1.500 m2, 85 workstations, 85 people
This project was created when employed
by Rietmeijer Huisvestingadviseurs (now CBRE)

An Office as an open space with strong visuals, warm colors, plants and natural elements, which brings the outside world into the workspace. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/dozarplati-srochnye-zaimi-online.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/get.html http://www.otc-certified-store.com/asthma-medicine-usa.html zp-pdl.com

Bar and long table with chairs
Office with desk and foil on the window.
Desks in office
Closet in office.
Meetingroom from VvE de Key