better space; better people currently consists of these architects and design professionals

Who we are:

better space; better people is a group of architects and design professionals and currently consists of:

Begoña Masiá: interior architect
Daniël van Ginkel: graphic designer
Ellen Kiers: interior architect
Frank Twilt: interior architect
– Jolanda Luymes: concept designer
– Lisette Bokma: design manager
– Maarten Jamin: interior designer and executive architect
Melle Stumphius: interior architect
Rabia Zuberi: interior architect
Ralph Bleeker: advisor
Ronald van Vlijmen architectural designer
– Stephan Bleeker: draughtsman and visual artist
Vivian Lam: interior architect

What we do:

In all our projects we aim to create a space that people are proud of and enjoy being in, while also reflecting who our clients are and what they have to offer. Spaces are where people meet, that bring people together and should therefore support sharing – whether it be ideas, work, products or experiences. We combine this with our belief that the process is as important as the outcome and we aim to make it a personal, inspiring and satisfying experience for all.

How we do it:

We want to truly understand our client’s wishes and user needs by involving, challenging and really getting to know them. We discover what kind of environment they like and need to be in, to be at their best. Every building is unique and we view every new project as an opportunity to find clever and custom-made solutions. With dedication we translate these thoughts and ideas into a creative and inspiring design.

Every project has budgetary and time constraints and we carefully respect these – even if that means helping out with the final paint job! Within the budget, we develop a complete design and a few options that add to the total outcome. This way, the unavoidable setbacks can be absorbed, and still, if we all agree, some of these options can be added to enhance the final outcome to the maximum achievable.



Who is Maarten:

True to the collaborative nature of his work, Maarten has a Studio that facilitates collaboration between like-minded professionals. We are all independent professionals but work together where and when needed. This way we can deliver the services, experience and quality of a full service studio, but with the involvement and motivation of self-employed entrepreneurs.

Maarten’s 25 years of experience in interior design have allowed him to develop a critical and trained eye for quality, use and design. Initially working as an employee for designers, consultants, brands as well as interior builders, he has been fortunate enough to work with and learn from the best in the business. In his own interior design studio he combines personal style with attention for every detail and great enthusiasm.



We are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients:

Amnesty International
– Bestseller
Gouden Gids
Nederlandse Filmacademie
– Spaces
– Tommy Hilfiger

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Maarten has collaborated with:

– Sevil Peach
– David Chipperfield
– Bas van der Tol
– Agnes Evers

And has worked for:

– Hypsos
– Stud Communication
– Mexx
– Din associates
– Keja Donia
– QuA associates
– Rietmeijer
– Vorm Martini


Maarten’s work has been published in:

– de Architect
– Cool Brands
– Elle Wonen
– Frame
– Kantoor Efficiency
– Project en Interieur
– Signs and signing

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